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The First National Bank of Ottawa. Morris National Bank and Trust. Streator National Bank. Yorkville National Bank and Trust. Northern Bank and Trust - Maple Park, IL
Bank Vault

No insurance of any kind is provided by The First National Bank of Ottawa to cover safe deposit box contents.

Safe Deposit Boxes

at The First National Bank of Ottawa are an inexpensive, safe place to store your legal papers, family treasures, and sentimental keepsakes.

Various sizes and prices ranges are available at the following locations:

Main Bank

701 LaSalle Street

Ottawa IL 61350

Morris National Bank and Trust

1771 North Division Street

Morris IL 60450

Streator National Bank - North

2324 North Bloomington Street

Streator IL 61364

Streator National Bank - Main

409 E Bridge Street

Streator IL 61364

Yorkville National Bank and Trust

1459 Cannonball Trail

Yorkville IL 60560